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thumbWelcome to School Bus Charter Rental website. Our company is a school bus rental company with a great many decades of experience in providing not just school bus but also other types of vehicles for rental. Our school bus, party bus, charter bus, coach bus, sleeper coaches, entertainer coaches and other group transportation vehicles have been ferrying people from one venue to another for a long time and because of our reliability, people have now come to know us as the school bus specialist.

What is important about the vehicles and school buses provided by School Bus Charter Rental is that the vehicles are maintained on a regular basis. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind of organizing your event properly. Once you have booked up a school bus with School Bus Charter Rental, you can focus on other important aspects of the occasion. Your mind can then be relaxed enough to make the field trip, wedding, birthday celebration, museum visit or any other corporate event the best one ever.

Depending on the school bus, party bus, coach bus or charter bus that you have picked, the vehicles come with their own private bathroom, bar, luxurious leather reclining seats, LCD sets, DVD players and other amenities. Be sure to clarify the type of amenity available on the school bus that you have booked with us.

School Bus Charter Rental is a company that knows its priorities right – customers first, that is our uncompromising attitude when it comes to doing business. Our bus operators have the same priorities and have sent the buses and vehicles out for regular servicing, checks and have obtained required licenses from various authorities. And since this involves the safety of innocent children, School Bus Charter Rental takes extra precaution by screening the bus operators and perform regular checks to ensure that they are doing what they are saying. Therefore, as you can see, when you need a school bus, think of School Bus Charter Rental.

School Bus Charter Rental also promises quality communication with our service staff. Having undergone intensive training, our customer service representatives are courteous, friendly, informed, prompt in answering your questions and have required information at hand in an effort to make the conversation as smooth-sailing as possible.

Find out more information about our school bus rental packages by giving us a call right now or send us a quick email through our contact form. Hear from you soon.

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Oct 18, 2013 - Amazing Cultural Places to Hit in Los Angeles

We know how excited you can get when you are visiting a place like Los Angeles, the city of Angels...we know we do too even though we quite literally travel back and forth most major cities in the United States all the time. There is something about Los Angeles that makes you think and believe that anything is possible, ANYTHING. And if you only have a very short period of time to spend in LA, then you have to know which places are simply must-sees and which you can leave unchecked.

The Getty Villa
Located along the Pacific Coast Highway of Pacific Palisades, The Getty Villa cuts as picturesque view even from afar. Why? Well, this Los Angeles charter bus rental tourist destination is essentially a mansion dedicated to the art of ancient Greeks. So, in the museum, you will get to see and explore exhibits about many other classic civilizations as well, including the Romans.

As mentioned by some of our Los Angeles charter bus rental customers have said after a visit to Getty Villa, if you can’t get to Rome or Athens, then visiting the Getty Villa is seriously the next best thing you can do. There is just a whole load of beautiful artwork and artifacts that you can learn about.

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Whenever you are in Los Angeles, visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an absolute MUST. After all, this is where everything Hollywood began and it is so awesome to be able to see the over two thousand tributes to these significant individuals who have made important contributions whether in the film, radio, TV, theatre or music industries. All these people have made their mark in Hollywood and are recognized names in their respective industries. Named as one of the most popular tourist attractions not just in charter bus Los Angeles, but in the entire country, visiting this tourist magnet is a must whenever you are here.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is located on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard and various other locations. Finding them might be tough if you do not know the area well but head over to for detailed description and locations.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is where you get to look at some of the Tinseltown theatre’s most famous dedication in the form of footprints, autographs and handprints. It is located near Hollywood Boulevard, therefore, make this your second Los Angeles charter bus stop when you are down with Walk of Fame.


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