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Governors Island is one of New York's perfectly quiet, serene and peaceful getaway. From gorgeous parks to picnic spots, from monuments to gorgeous skyline, it is sure to be an unforgettable bus charter experience

Governor’s Island, a Treasure Trove of Interesting Information for Kids

Feb 3, 2014

If you are an educator, a parent or a teacher who is looking out for historically-significant places in New York City, the city that never sleeps, we would like to point out that New York’s Governors Island is an incredibly educational place to bring the kids.

Refreshing changes made to Governors Island over the years

Small island strategically located slightly more than half a mile from the south of Manhattan Island and a little way away from downtown Brooklyn, the 172-acre Governors Island is legally a rather huge part of Manhattan neighborhood. The island has undergone a lot of changes, naturally and through state efforts, over the years so, the island would have many new things for visitors to learn, experience and explore now than ever before.

Using excavated materials obtained from Lexington Avenue subway, nearly 4.8 million cubic yards was deposited at the island. There have also been quite major restoration work and ground-breaking additions made to the island, especially in 2012 when Mayor Michael Bloomberg added a new park which comes with astonishingly gorgeous landscape along West 8.

Governors Island’s National Monument

Just a short ferry ride away, the National Monument is located in a very quiet and serene spot in busy New York City. While there are many activities, events and festivals held in the island throughout the year, most locals like to take a free ferry ride just for a peaceful time to spend with their loved ones.

The scene at Nolan Park is a far cry from the ones you experience in Central Park. It is devoid of the ‘rush’ and ‘exhilaration’ that is so evident in downtown Manhattan and Central Park. On top of that, from the Monument and Park, visitors are treated to a gorgeous view of Manhattan skyline and Freedom Tower. ’

A free ferry ride from Brooklyn to spacious and amazing landscape

Governors Island is the perfect place for a bike ride around the island and park, picnic with family and friends and to have small group gatherings, be it a corporate or a family one. Suffice to say, some areas of the island remains closed off to public due to on-going work being done after after Sandy hit the island, but there is still plenty of space to lounge around and have some fun.

What can you expect from the new Governors Island in 2014

  • 30 acres worth of new park and public space
  • Liggett Terrace
  • 6-acre plaza
  • new seats
  • artistic water features
  • Hammock Grove
  • 10-acre with more than a thousand new trees
  • Play lawn
  • turf ball fields for kids and grownups alike
  • softball and baseball for Little League lovers
  • brand new Welcome area for those coming in from Island’s ferry landing

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